Featured Weapons are as follow:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

M4A1 CarbineEdit

The featured M4A1 Carbine is heavily modified with several modifications such as flip-up iron sights, EOTech XPS Holographic sight, Magnifying scope, Magpul MOE Carbine Stock, (These features are all similar to the weapons of the Transformers series which appears to inspire some of the in-game material.) 5.56x45mm NATO Magpul, RIS foregrip and a 20-round STANAG magazine.

Rsz codmw3-m4

M4A1 Carbine with aforementioned attatchments

Heckler and Koch XM25 Individual Airburst Weapon SystemEdit

The XM25 Airburst Grenade Launcher is availible to use within the game via the Care Package perk.

Xm25 digicam

HK XM-25

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